Figure Drawing Sessions December 2008

Figure drawing done in Different locations. December has been quite a busy month, and I have finally gotten to post these. Drawing is really like the stock market, still working on fixing my many crashes...

Experiment Film Storyboards part 2

Figure Drawing 11-29-08

Experiment Fim storyboards

FadeIn... and truck into Dark interior Lab Scene


Weekly Figure drawing 10-25-08


Illustrator Robot Coloring Update

I am not 100% satisfied with my final Piece because of the fact that many shapes make this a busy design. I had originally created this female robot design a few years back , and now I see that I need to simplify more if this were ever traditionally animated. I have always liked detail. However, one must first design things with the least amount of shapes possible before moving to the next stage. I hope that on my next design I can manage to overcome my reluctance to simplicity.

Illustrator Practice. Work in Progress

This is an old robot design of mine. It is pretty retro 90's and it's based on a comic I had been working on for ages. I used this drawing to familiarize myself better with illustrator. I still got plenty of work to do with the inking and adjusting of shapes. As well as adding shadows and highlights.

Female Figure study

Done with Blue Col erase pencil, markers and a brush pen.

Different body types

Different models of various weights and sizes.

Seated female figure drawings

The 5 minute poses are the hardest poses for me to do because you have to draw as fast as when you do gestures, but at the same time elaborate more on the subject.

Some Gesture drawings

These 2 minute gestures aren't quite my latest, but I missed posting last week so better late than never.

2 Female bust Studies

Seated female Ink and pencil

Weekly Life Drawings

I will be using this blog mostly to practice on my Weekly Life drawings, But I will be adding other type of illustrations to keep track on my progress...
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