DT Female Android Part2

Here is the textured Female Android. had some trouble with shaders. The folks at Creative Cow Maya forums were kind enough to point me to the source of the problem. I will leave this as is for the moment in order to tackle other things I have been wanting to do.

Female Android Model From DT part1

This is an old Tutorial I have been working on from Digital Tutors. The original tutorial doesn't have very feminine hips so I took my freedom on that, as well as the original reference model face . Will be adding some tweaks as well as some of my own parts to it.

Interior Room Day 06 Final

Here is my final Piece. Still my Lighting and Bump maps could be better, but It's time to move on and work on something new. I added another messy version , and in no way it is meant as a realistic serious attempt. but more like a playful approach. That's enough excuses. I look forward to do better in the future.
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