Experiment (child's play) Storyboards part 4 continued

Completed storyboards. Still need more corrections, but will see what works and what doesn't regarding, pacing, composition,etc during animatic.

Arlington Cruz Demo Reel 2010

No Sound for now still working on fixing a couple of more things

Arlington Cruz Animation Animatic Reel 2010 from arlingtoncruz on Vimeo.

Maya Low poly game character rotation

Camera rotation with wireframe view of previous character model project.

Maya Living Room Wireframe and final camera

Camera view of my old project for modeling texturing in Maya.

female figure drawing studies 08-09-2010

Female Figure drawing studies.

Experiment Storyboards part 4

I scratched original Idea for story on previous storyboard posts and started over this time Setting was replaced for an airship instead of scrapyard as well as other story changes. more pages and story narration coming up sometime this month.

Rough run Cycle part01

Started working on a run cycle. Still need to make adjustments.

Flash Character Design part 3

Still playing with this. Hope to use as a prototype for the future. Haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would want to on my own personal projects.

Low poly Game Character Final

Not quite pleased with final version, but got to move on and work on other things.
Maps used: Color, Bump, Specularity, Incandescence and Transparency for hair.

Flash Character Design Quickie Part 2

This is a first draft character design I am working on. (part 01 was this other Demon monster thing I did a couple of months back) Final Design may change once I make more corrections.

Also have not forgotten about 3d low poly model,which is on my to do list.

Low poly Game Character Day 5

Completed texturing. Now working on the other maps (transparency for hair,diffuse and bump) , some more tweaking and final lighting.

Low Poly game character progress Day 04

I have been going on and off on this project. Also was stuck on some UV sets and other texturing issues. My friend Lisa helped me out a lot on fixing these problems as well as a lot of pointers and advice. Thanks very much Lisa! and feel free to check out her blog:

Also thanks to the folks at creative cow Maya Forum who gave me some advice as well. For now I have only worked on the face. Aiming to complete texturing by the end of this month.
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