Character designs for Animation part 2

Finished building in Flash first view. Still need to draw side and rear view. Yes I agree pose looks silly..

Character designs for Animation part 1

My Friend Suggested to do a series of Characters and prepare them for animation as an exercise to keep polishing my skills. Here is part 1 of some Demon Alien Mutant Something that I came up with.

quickie Cloud background practice

Experimental cloud painting in photoshop.

Interior Room Modeling Day 3

Finished modeling, Now Need to get started with UV mapping and texturing. Next post will be fully textured surfaces, and final Will be completed Lighting piece.

Interior room modeling Day2

For the second part, I worked on the couch, side table and 2 chairs. For day 3 I hope to aim on finalizing and tweaking details, add more small parts and tackle texturing. (that is if I manage to keep up with the tutorial. And this tut is from "Simply maya Interior Room" in case you are wondering...
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