Low Poly Game Character Day 3

Done with UV's on 2 separate 1024 maps.
made some more corrections on model, now moving to final Texturing.

Low Poly Game Character Day 2

Completed Hands, feet, props,and normal angles. Next is uv mapping. This is from the old Gnomon Tutorial Body modeling for games.

Low Poly Game Character Day 1

Started model from another tutorial. Still need to add hands feet, gadgets and refine.

DT Female Android Part2

Here is the textured Female Android. had some trouble with shaders. The folks at Creative Cow Maya forums were kind enough to point me to the source of the problem. I will leave this as is for the moment in order to tackle other things I have been wanting to do.

Female Android Model From DT part1

This is an old Tutorial I have been working on from Digital Tutors. The original tutorial doesn't have very feminine hips so I took my freedom on that, as well as the original reference model face . Will be adding some tweaks as well as some of my own parts to it.

Interior Room Day 06 Final

Here is my final Piece. Still my Lighting and Bump maps could be better, but It's time to move on and work on something new. I added another messy version , and in no way it is meant as a realistic serious attempt. but more like a playful approach. That's enough excuses. I look forward to do better in the future.

Interior Room Day 5 Lighting start

This has really been a project going on and off . Just started adding lights and still need to add more touches to the texturing...

Demon Guy something update 3

While I continue with my maya Room, I added the back and side views using original sketch for that weird mutant something guy...

Interior Room Day 4 Texturing start

Uv mapping took a bit longer than I had expected. Started first pass at texturing floor and walls. I might change the final colors, then Furniture and Final lights.

Character designs for Animation part 2

Finished building in Flash first view. Still need to draw side and rear view. Yes I agree pose looks silly..

Character designs for Animation part 1

My Friend Suggested to do a series of Characters and prepare them for animation as an exercise to keep polishing my skills. Here is part 1 of some Demon Alien Mutant Something that I came up with.

quickie Cloud background practice

Experimental cloud painting in photoshop.

Interior Room Modeling Day 3

Finished modeling, Now Need to get started with UV mapping and texturing. Next post will be fully textured surfaces, and final Will be completed Lighting piece.

Interior room modeling Day2

For the second part, I worked on the couch, side table and 2 chairs. For day 3 I hope to aim on finalizing and tweaking details, add more small parts and tackle texturing. (that is if I manage to keep up with the tutorial. And this tut is from "Simply maya Interior Room" in case you are wondering...

Basic Poly modeling Practice Day1

I am Going over some old modeling tutorials. Decided to try out this interior room to brush up the basics for now. Still got a lot of other things to update...In the meantime, here is the first render,vector and wire screens...

Background Practice Quickie

Here is a quick background I was experimenting on, still have a lot of issues to correct here. Haven't practiced painting backgrounds in quite a while .... Hope to update more often...

Experiment Film Quickie storyboards part3

Currently I have had this project on hiatus due to my  schedule, But I am tired of leaving things unfinished, even if it is little by little I need to complete something and not follow the Post graduation curse of some students never making their own  short films after  graduation ...

Female figure drawing January February

The past couple of months have been really hectic ones (not that it is a bad thing the way the economy is going at the moment) Here are more female figure drawings from various locations and yes I do need more variety on my life drawings...
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